Bag-in-Box Wines: Better Than You Think!
Bag-in-Box Wines: Better Than You Think!
Posted on
July 28, 2021
Aaron Moore

Boxed wines have long had a negative stigma, often associated with low-quality wines. However, as more quality box wines are produced and more consumers have seen the benefits that come with this packaging, this stigma is beginning to disappear.

The reality is that boxed wines offer a variety of benefits and provide an effective way to store quality wines. In the current market, there are a number of premium wines that come in this type of packaging. Wine lovers simply need to understand more about this packaging and the options available to make sure that they’re not missing out on the benefits that come from boxed wines.

How Boxed Wine Works

The name “boxed wine” can be a little confusing, as it’s hard to imagine wine in a cardboard box. It sounds messy and not particularly appealing. However, boxed wine actually means a bag-in-box package. The wine is held in a bag or bladder that is inside the box that has an airtight valve that is accessible from outside the box. 

This not only makes it easy to pour but it also helps to preserve wine. When wine is poured through the valve, it creates an airtight seal which enables the wine to stay fresh for four to six weeks after the box has been opened. 

The bag usually holds 3 liters of wine, which is equivalent to 4 bottles. While this might seem like a lot, the key here is that airtight seal. Because of how long wine stays fresh in this packaging, winemakers can sell larger quantities without concerns that the wine will go bad. 

Benefits of Bag-in-Box Wines

There are some key benefits that come from storing and transporting wine in boxes rather than bottles. The airtight seal is certainly one of them, as it means that wine can stay fresh for 4 to 6 weeks after being opened, as opposed to 1 or 2 days for a bottle with a cork. Because of this feature, wine can be sold in larger quantities, which means that consumers are able to get more wine for less. 

The box is also easy to transport, giving wine drinkers more flexibility and making it easier to enjoy great wine anywhere. The box is easy to take to a friend’s house for dinner or on a picnic, on the beach, or on vacation. 

The ease of transport also positively impacts the distribution and storage of these wines. Boxes are more efficient to transport, which means more savings in the distribution process as well as a smaller carbon footprint. 

In fact, one of the greatest benefits of the box is that it has a carbon footprint that is around 80% smaller than that of glass bottles. Boxes take less energy to produce, they’re more easily recycled, and they’re more efficiently transported. As everyone becomes focused on more sustainable options, boxed wines offer a good way to enjoy great wine while minimizing the impacts on the environment. 

Overcoming the Stigma of Boxed Wines 

Despite the clear benefits, many American consumers are hesitant to embrace boxed wines. They continue to associate boxed wines with low-quality wines, and while this was once true, over the last decade there has been a shift towards premium wines being packaged in boxes. 

Yet, it’s still difficult to convince some consumers. 

One reason is that many wine drinkers believe that if a wine is less expensive then it’s of lower quality. However, the key thing to understand here is that packaging wine in boxes is cheaper than packaging wine in glass bottles. The boxes themselves are less expensive to produce than glass bottles, and because boxes preserve wine longer, they can hold larger quantities of wine. This means more savings because there’s only one box needed for the equivalent of four glass bottles. 

The result is that quality wines can be sold at lower prices. The key now is simply helping consumers appreciate this shift in the industry, helping them understand that lower prices don’t always mean cheaper wine. When it comes to bag-in-box wines, the lower prices mean more efficient and smarter practices. As a Sommelier Business article observes, “as the years have gone by, box wine is becoming more of a norm rather than something looked down at. However, that is only the case with people who know a lot about wine.” 

Bag-in-Box Wines Are High-Quality

The benefits of the box are clear, the only missing piece is ensuring that bag-in-box wines are high quality. In the last decade, there has been a rise in upscale brands adding a boxed option. In addition, a number of companies have been started that are solely dedicated to producing high-quality bag-in-box wines. 

With the rise of these quality options, there’s a steady trend towards consumers appreciating that they can get quality wines in a box. And, as more people try these options, they’re experiencing this quality for themselves. 

Now that the quality is there, bag-in-box wines are really a no-brainer for many consumers. They offer quality wine at lower prices in a package that’s environmentally and user-friendly. 

Quality, Zero-Sugar Wines

At Gratsi, we understand that bag-in-box wines are the future of the wine industry and a better way to provide consumers with well-made wine. We also understand that the way wine is made matters. That’s why we’ve partnered with only the best winemakers to produce an old-country wine that is zero in sugar and tastes great. 

And, we’ve put this great wine in our smart packaging, which holds the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine, has a low carbon footprint, and is easy to use. From beginning to end, our process is focused on giving consumers the best product and the best experience. 

Try a box of our Red, White & Rosé. Whether this is your first bag-in-box wine or whether you’ve tried a few, we think you’ll love it. And as an added bonus, when you enjoy a wine that’s zero in sugar, affordable, and sustainably made, it’s a choice that you can feel great about enjoying. 

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