Our Style

We find incredible winemakers that pass our simple litmus test. Would we drink this wine every night? Would we proudly serve it at a dinner party? Is the sugar so low that we can save ourselves from a headache the next morning?

Our blends are inspired by the Old Country. Balanced, not sweet, fruit-forward, minimal intervention, with the right amount of acidity and tannins.

Cabernet Sauvignon organic vineyards on the Wahluke Slope
Better Wine

Our journey began by looking for wines we wanted to drink regularly that were great with or without food, really low in sugar, high quality, fruity and dry, and didn't cost $20 or more per bottle. Since there are too few out there that fit that bill, we decided to make it ourselves.

Our purpose stems from a simplicity often found in the European culture. There's a need in the U.S. for better wines in better and larger formats, that come straight to your door.

In Europe, it's surprising at first that the wines are so affordable and delicious everywhere you go. Consumers pay for wine, not marketing and markups. So... we decided to do the same here in the U.S.

A Smarter Format

Our winemaker partners produce delicious, high-quality, low-sugar wines that would cost $20 per bottle or more at retail. By using a better package, cutting out the middlemen, markups, and high freight costs tied to the traditional 3-tier system, we can pass those savings along to you. The result: you get the same premium wines at half the price.

Our boxes are easy, light and portable, and keep your wine as fresh on the last pour and it was on the first. And, our boxes have a carbon footprint that is 80% less than glass.

Gratsi offers American-made wines in an Old Country fashion with pride, delight, and convenience. Old souls delivering wine in a Modern Era.

Our wines will always be true to Gratsi's style


Great with or without food, refreshing and crisp, balanced and clean.


We showcase the fruit. All are very low in residual sugar.


Not too dry, not sweet, fruit-forward, great acidity, medium-bodied.

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