Leonardo DaVinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  This mantra has been echoed for centuries yet in today's world there still seems to be a dynamic force pulling us in the direction of complexity, and it may not have our best interests at hand.

We’re inspired by a life of simplicity filled with a humble recognition of quality and a conscious focus on appreciating the beauty of your surroundings, the present. 

For us, the Mediterranean is where these priorities and values inspired our beliefs and our truth. While the Mediterranean is thousands of miles away, the lessons resonate at home everyday.

Being Present

We have a core belief that helps us to avoid the pitfalls of seeking future fulfillment with a dream of abundance and vanity, thus sacrificing the gift of now. We challenge ourselves to create moments of joy in our everyday lives, moments fueled by our passion and enthusiasm for life itself. 

A card table in a side yard, fresh bread, wine, crickets buzzing, is as fine of a moment as you could ask for. Taking the kitchen chairs to the roof of the apartment in the afternoon with no other entertainment but the company you keep (with some wine, of course!) should be an everyday activity.

We believe that special moments can happen in your backyard, on a blanket in the park, enjoying a simple dinner in a cafe, sitting with loved ones by the sea, or just taking a break by yourself to be thankful.

Grab a loaf of ciabatta, big piece of cheese, a blanket, and your favorite wine and make any moment special.

Life is short. Make time for the things that bring you closer to yourself and the special people around you.

Less Is More

We challenge ourselves to be present with the people we love on a daily basis. It's a social contract in which we must uphold. See less so we can see more, do less so we can do more, and acquire less so we can have more. It's the Gratsi way of life. 

“A wine is not to be discussed, it is to be drunk and give happiness and joy and a nice feeling to people, that is the point of it all”  Becky Wasserman-Hone


Our wines are always...


Ranging between 0.05 - 0.15g/glass, our wines are as low as it gets


Great with or without food, refreshing and crisp, balanced and clean


Not too dry, not sweet, fruit-forward, great acidity, medium-bodied

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