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Our Style

We find incredible winemakers that pass our simple litmus test. Could we drink this wine every night? Would we proudly serve it at a dinner party? Is the sugar so low that we are not going to have a headache the next morning?

Our blends are inspired by Old Country Wines. Balanced, not sweet but fruit-forward, with perfect acidity and tannins. Our wines have layers of structure, drinking clean and fresh.

You Deserve Great Wine

Aaron is a Wine Exec and Stephen is an Entrepreneur. Most importantly, they both love wine.

They both agree that when traveling through Europe, it's surprising at first that the wines are so affordable and delicious everywhere you go. It's in the simplicity of wine going straight from the vineyard to the people, as it was originally intended.

Gratsi offers American-made wines in an Old Country fashion with pride, delight, and convenience. Old souls delivering wine in a Modern Era.

Easy drinking
Fruity and dry
Perfectly balanced
Very Low in Sugar
True to style