Premium Wine in a Better Package: All-Natural & Zero Sugar

Mediterranean inspired, remarkably simple.

Our Mediterranean inspiration is about slowing things down; relaxing with the ones you love after a hard day's work. Wine is a celebration of life, not a luxury. We started Gratsi to bring this philosophy home to you.

We use simple wine making techniques inspired by the old world to bring you wines that are high quality and contain zero sugar. Our wines are meant to be enjoyed daily, so pull up a seat and let us stock your pantry!

Your new wine staple is here...

1 Box = 4 Bottles of wine and stays fresh for 6 weeks after your first pour.


So you feel better the next morning.


Glass bottles are heavy, expensive, for aging wine, and worse for the enviroment.

Old Country Red

Dry with notes of dark fruits, cherry, and cocoa with medium-firm tannins

Old Country White

Dry with notes of apple, citrus, and soft herbs with a crisp and bright finish

Old Country Rose

Dry with notes of pear, strawberry, and honeysuckle with a soft and fruity finish


More sustainable to packagecarbon footprint that's 80% less than glass and is recyclable

Stays fresh longer after openingeven stored at room temperature our box will last up to 45 days

More volume for lesseach box is equivalent to 4 bottles of wine, so your pantry is always stocked

Reduced cost by shipping direct easier to ship by cutting out the middleman and pass on the savings to you

Portable and fun designgrab the handle and head out with friends, no more worrying about broken glass

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