Sustainable Sips

Minimal packaging waste, responsible winemaking and extended freshness — an eco-friendly choice that keeps both the planet and your palate happy.

We’ve partnered with Four Feathers to ensure our Washington vineyards are certified sustainable in their growing and cellar practices. Rebecca De Kleine (GM) helped pioneer Sustainable WA, the first statewide certified sustainability program for the wine industry.

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    Sustainably Made
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    Pesticide Free
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    Zero Sugar
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    100% Vegan

What's your impact?

With your help, we’ve eliminated over 1.4 million pounds of glass from food waste. Our BPA-Free bags produce 80% less carbon emissions when compared to glass.

Extended freshness, how?

Gratsi stays fresh for 30 days after opening, while bottles must be consumed within a few.

Can I recycle the box?

Yes, our boxes are made from 
100% recycled material and are recyclable after use. The BPA-Free inner bag is recyclable in certain areas.

Zero Sugar, Quality Wine, Sustainably Packaged

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“This is not the boxed wine you drank in college.”