Partnerships & Process

About Our Partners: 

We don't have our own vineyards. We'd rather work with growers who know far more than we do and who are excited to work with us to make delicious wines, the way we want them. We get to make better wines this way and sell them to you at a better price.

Our wine and logistics teams are a talented, awesome group of people that share our passion for wine and the business of wine. They understand our purpose and what we're doing. They value relationships and partnerships, like we do.  Everyone's devoted, everyone's bought in. Truth be told, we're all a little obsessed with the work we all do respectively and appreciate the opportunity to create new and special things with cool people. That's what it's all about, really. Pushing boundaries and making better things.

About Our Wines: 

Gratsi wines are made in Prosser, WA where vineyards and farms line the Yakima River. We create our blends by selecting varietals from specific vineyards to get exactly what we want for our blends and flavor profiles. Our partners have many acres under vine within the sub AVAs of Horse Heaven Hills, Rattlesnake Hills, Wahluke Slope, Columbia Valley, and Yakima Valley. These areas all have different growing conditions which creates different characteristics in the fruit, which allows us full control in the outcome of our wines. Cabernet Sauvignon from Horse Heaven Hills is quite different than Cabernet Sauvignon up on the Wahluke Slope. We have a lot of variety to choose from to get what we want in our blends. 

Gratsi wines are lower in sugar than most (only 0.05 - 0.4 g/glass depending on the blend) and made without the use of unnatural or unnecessary ingredients. We use a minimal amount of sulfites to maintain package stability, keeping them well below the organic maximums.

Our wines are always gluten-free, vegan, and keto-friendly. Our wines represent the old world... made in the new world. 

All our wines are designed for easy, everyday-drinking. They're great on their own and pair easily with most foods you'd care to eat with them. We showcase the fruit and freshness in our wines, using minimal oak in our reds and none in our whites. 

Our wines are not "value" wines. You just pay less for premium wines because we cut out unnecessary costs and pass those savings along to you.

Gratsi Wine Ingredients: Grapes, yeasts, minimal sulfites (used for package stability) 

Our Package: 

Considering that over 90% of all wines made worldwide are meant to be drank fresh (not benefiting from bottle-aging) our packaging format is the perfect compliment. 

Our BIB system keeps the wine stable and fresh after you open the spigot for 30 days. This keeps your last pour as fresh as your first and allows you to drink it on your terms. 

Our package produces 80% less carbon emissions compared to glass and is recyclable.  Being 1/3 the weight by comparison helps us produce far less waste and carbon through the logistical and supply chains.

BIB packaging eliminates cork taint, which experts estimate ruins 5% of wine. Not-so-fun fact: US drinkers would save enough wine each year to fill over 40 Olympic sized pools by eliminating cork taint. (An Olympic sized pool holds about 660,000 gallons). That's roughly 33 million 3L boxes of wine wasted each year in the U.S. due to cork taint alone! Yikes.

Great wine doesn't require a bottle to be great. Wines that are in high-demand, filled regularly, and move through the system in a short period of time, are perfect for this format. Wine on tap!