Partnerships & Process

How We Choose Our Partners: 

We source our wines from the best family-owned vineyards and winemakers we can find. We're very particular about who we work with and the styles of wine we choose. We're sticklers for methods in the vineyards, how the grapes move through their lifecycle, how the wines are treated while in the cellar, all the way to the end point of being in your glass. We work with small to mid-sized growers and winemakers to do our part in preserving family-owned businesses that are often squeezed out by massive corporate wine groups and multi-industry conglomerates.  

Gratsi is about transparency and bringing value to our customers (and ourselves) by being very specific about selecting our wine styles, knowing what we must have (and not) in our wines, and how we choose our partnerships. We believe in family and protecting family-run businesses. If we can do our part by showcasing great wines from lesser-known winemakers and growers, bringing some light into their craft while sourcing great wines, we're happy. 

We don't have our own vineyards. We'd rather support and work with families who have made it their life's work to perfect their craft. We get better wines this way and can sell them to you at a much better price. Our wines are not "value wines". You just pay less for premium wines because we cut out unnecessary markups. 

Our Wines: 

Gratsi wines are very low in sugar (only 0.05 - 0.15 g/glass - that's as low it gets in wine) and made with minimal intervention, without the use of unnatural or unnecessary ingredients. You won't find any fillers or additives that many conventional wines have (colorings, flavorings, fining agents, thickeners, gums, etc... the list goes on). We choose partners who use vineyard and cellar practices to make great wines with the profiles we look for. Our wines are not laboratory projects, they're delicious clean wines that are also much lower in residual sugars than many comparable dry wines available in the market today.

Our wines are always gluten-free, vegan and keto friendly, and showcase the fruit and place that they come from. Although we don't focus on specific vintages or varietals, we are sticklers for profile and process. 

Gratsi wines are designed for easy, everyday drinking and are great on their own, or paired with most foods you'd care to drink with them. We showcase the fruit and freshness in wines, using minimal oak in our reds and none in our whites. 

Gratsi Wine Ingredients: Organically grown grapes, yeasts, minimal sulfites (for package stability) 

Our Package: 

Considering that over 90% of all wines made worldwide are meant to be drank fresh (not benefiting from bottle-aging) our packaging format is the perfect compliment. The only benefit to a glass bottle is that it is good for aging wines.

Our BIB system keeps the wine stable and fresh after you open the spigot for 30 days. This keeps your last pour as fresh as your first and allows you to drink it on your terms. No need to over consume to finish a bottle that would otherwise go bad. 

Our package also produces 80% less carbon emissions compared to glass. Our package is recyclable and is 1/3 of the weight by comparison. This also produces far less waste and carbon through the logistical and supply chain since we can carry 3 times the liquid volume by comparison, which uses 1/3 the amount of energy to transport and store. 

BIB packaging eliminates cork taint, which experts estimate ruins 5% of wine, that means US drinkers would save enough wine each year to fill over 40 Olympic sized pools. (An Olympic sized pool holds about 660,000 gallons). That's roughly 33 million 3L boxes of wine wasted each year in the U.S. due to cork taint alone! 

Great wine doesn't require a bottle to be great. The bag-in-box allows you to enjoy premium wines, on your terms. Wines that are in high-demand, filled regularly, and move through the system in a short period of time, are perfect for this format. 

Selling Direct: 

Our wines never sit on retail shelves or in distributor warehouses. After each new production run, our wines rest in our cold storage winery space until it ships directly to your door. We have more control this way, making sure our wines are always fresh and stored as they should be while waiting to make their journey home. 

Selling direct lets us know our customers in a way that we couldn't otherwise. We can give back in direct ways too. Our loyalty program lets us give back to those who buy our wines with every purchase they make. We get to talk to many of you regularly and that make us happy. We like getting to know our customers.