A Way of Life

We started Gratsi as frustrated wine drinkers; just a couple of people looking for a smarter way to drink better wines. We wanted to work with independent growers to make wines that we could drink regularly and were in a style that was delicious with everything... or nothing at all. We wanted wines that contain a fraction of the sugars that are in most wines today. We didn't want to continue overpaying for hype and markups, and we wanted to sell directly to our customers. Gratsi spawned from a passion for simple pleasures. Our Mediterranean inspiration is about slowing things down; relaxing with the ones you love after a hard day's work. Wine is a celebration of life, not a luxury. We like the box because it's easy, keeps our wines fresh until they're gone, and produces much less waste by comparison. So... we pulled all these things together and made the wines we love and put them in a package that makes sense for our lifestyles. And, we get to share them with you.

Stephen and Aaron