Looking for a zero sugar wine?

Looking for a zero sugar wine?

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“This is not the boxed wine you drank in college.”

NO. 1
Zero Sugar

Made from only grapes and their wonderful juices, our wines have zero sugar (<0.2g per serving) and only a few carbs… so you can eat more pasta.

NO. 2
30 Days Fresh

Unlike most bottles that only last a few days after opening, Gratsi stays fresh for up to 30 days after your first pour. Our bag-in-box packaging keeps air out as wine is dispensed giving it a longer shelf life.

NO. 3
1 Box = 4 Bottles

A 3L box of Gratsi is comparable to 
4 bottles of standard wine averaging as low as $8.50 ‘per bottle.’ The best part is… we’ve eliminated over 1 million lbs. of glass from food waste.

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NO. 4
Natural Ingredients

Only Washington grapes, yeasts, minimal sulfites. No concentrates, coloring agents, added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

NO. 5
Happiness Guaranteed

If you're not delighted, neither are we. We’ll send you a replacement product, let you try another wine, or provide a refund.

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