Boxed vs Glass Bottles for Wine: What’s The Difference?
Boxed vs Glass Bottles for Wine: What’s The Difference?
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August 23, 2021
Aaron Moore

As a wine drinker, you probably know that boxed wine comes with a stigma. 

Show up to a dinner party with boxed wine and you’ll most likely be faced with statements like--“That stuff tastes awful, the box can’t keep the flavor the way a bottle does.” or “It’s cheap, poorly made wine that’s not worth drinking.”-- all before even opening it. 

However, do these comments hold truth? 

The reality is, no. This stigma most likely stems from the fact that, yes, boxed wine is generally less expensive, its packaging isn’t chic, and it probably inspires memories of college hangovers. But, even with a typically lower price tag, what most people don’t know is that some very amazing wines come in boxes. Actually, there are some major advantages to boxed wine. 

So, to help you overcome the misconceptions, in the following article we will discuss some reasons to love boxed wine. 

What’s The Difference? 

It may shock you to find out that, for some wines, there isn’t much difference. In fact, the only difference is the packaging. The same wine--poor quality to high quality--can be placed either in a bottle or a box. This includes red, white, and rośe. It all comes down to the brand's preference. 

On top of that, there is something to note about preservation. When a bottle is opened it must be consumed within days, but once a box is opened, it can be preserved for weeks. Meaning that you can enjoy boxed wine a little bit at a time.  Other considerations for bottles include transportation and cork issues. Moving glass can be a nightmare and spoiled wine due to a moldy stopper is never fun. 

7 Reasons To Love Boxed Wine 

Now that you know the major differences between bottles and boxes, let's talk more about the advantages of boxed wine. 

The Price Tag

Due to less cost for packaging, even if it is the same quality of wine, manufacturers can charge less. This saves you a lot when it comes to enjoying delicious wines. So, yes, even though the price tag is lower, it does not mean the taste suffers. 


On average, there is more wine in every box than what’s included in standard bottles. The typical box of wine has around four bottles in one. This also helps you save, because the higher amount never costs as much as buying separate bottles. 


Did you know that making glass is not so great for the environment? Yes, that is right. It takes a lot more energy to make bottles than it does to make a box. Therefore, with boxed wine, you are reducing your carbon footprint, as well as using a container that is easier to recycle. 

Ease Of Use 

The spout included in the boxed wine is effortless for every pour. This means no more stained tablecloths, no more ruined napkins, no more searching for a bottle opener. Just clean, smooth pours. 

Simplified Transport 

Bottled wine has a tendency to break in transport. It just doesn’t like bumps and rattling around. Luckily, with a bag-in-box wine, there is no worry about this. It can be pumped around and will not be harmed. Not to mention storage is much easier too--simply stack and go. Forget rolling. 

Enjoy Weeks After Opening 

The cool thing about boxed wine is that the package typically comes with its own built-in vacuums. This feature pressurizes the bag inside the box with each pour as well as creates an air-tight seal. The result is a wine that can be enjoyed up to a month after opening. 

Join The Boxed Wine Revolution 

In the last decade, boxed wines have become more and more popular. 

No longer something for sugar-loaded sangrias or younger drinkers, today, you can find everyone--from master sommeliers to novice connoisseur--enjoying them. Truly, a wonderful way to erase the complicated, intimidating, luxurious stigma that surrounds bottled wines, with boxed wines it is time to return to the roots--the roots of winemaking and simply enjoying it for superior taste.  

Coming to you with the philosophy that delicious wine should be part of life, not a luxury, Gratsi is dedicated to offering high-quality, tasty, Mediterranean-inspired boxed wine to everyone. Working with some of America’s best independent wineries to deliver delicious boxed wines around the country, with the help of Gratsi you too may just find a go-to boxed wine that suits your lifestyle. 

Interested? Take a look at our zero sugar wine today. Go ahead, grab a box, and head to that dinner party in confidence. Wine is, after all, a celebration of life and not a luxury.. Share with your friends what you now know about bottled vs. boxed wine. 

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