We adopted a baby water buffalo!
We adopted a baby water buffalo!
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April 04, 2024
achilleas petris

So, as you guys all probably know by now, we have a Water Buffalo illustration on our packaging. It’s the Gratsi mascot, and more specifically, an Italian water buffalo, which is responsible for what? You guessed it right (or probably wrong) the creamy delight known as buffalo mozzarella that makes the taste buds dance…

Back in the day, around the 6th century to be exact, these gentle giants began their Italian adventure, from the distant lands of India. It's said the Lombards, those ancient travelers with a knack for shaking things up, brought these majestic creatures to their new lands in Campania, southern Italy.

And there I was sitting at my desk one day some weeks ago, putting together a story for our emails, and a thought came to mind… What if we were to discover a quaint farm in that corner of Italy with water buffaloes? And what if we embraced the joyful responsibility of "adopting" a baby calf, covering all its care costs?

After days of searching for a farm willing to collaborate, we were met with countless closed doors and hesitant responses and we were beginning to lose hope...

That was until we came across Giuseppe, a kind-hearted Campania local who knows everyone in Paestum-Agropoli, where most water buffalos live. He's your go-to person for exploring the area, offering day tours that showcase everything this region has to offer. (And trust me its a lot)

So... fast-forward through a series of emails and calls later (my Greek-English accent clashing with the Italian 😂 ), and we've got ourselves the perfect match at Luca's (relative of Giuseppe) family farm in Paestum, Campania. And her name? Paulina! Our little water buffalo calf, born just 20 days ago! (as im writing this)

I had to fly there and meet her!

So one week later, I found myself catching a flight from Athens to Rome and then a train from Rome to Agropoli to then be picked up by Giuseppe.
Our first stop? Giuseppe's Airbnb for a quick moka espresso to kickstart the day, then off to Paestum to meet Paulina at the farm! 

As we made it there, it was evident that the guys are doing a great job running the farm with a mix of professionalism and heartfelt care. We were given a tour of the whole farm where Paulina will spend her life under the Campanian sun. Among the highlights was a quaint building, historically used for the traditional production of mozzarella cheese.

A few minutes later, we were presented with baby Paulina, the little buffalo we will take care of...

Here’s Paulina, our little buffalo calf, how cute is that bandana? Beyond her cuteness, she's more than just a calf; she's a walking/living testament to the centuries of tradition and to the enduring marriage of nature and culture in this picturesque slice of Italy.

She might be just a few weeks old, but let me tell you... That girl has power on her already…after we were both exhausted from running around in the field chasing butterflies, she decided to just lay down, and I did so too with her. I thought to myself, what's the worst that could happen? She’s like a puppy now, I thought, well, a sudden move by her later made me feel like I was stepped on by a polar bear. 😂

(this is her laughing about it)

As the evening went on at the farm, we spent time talking to Luca about the difficulties of farming life and the challenges farmers face in Italy, and in particular in that region of the country, and eventually, we had to say our adios (but not goodbyes) to Paulina since she was tired and due to sleep again, her favorite part of the day.

We will keep you all posted on Paulina as she grows to be the beauty of the farm. And for those planning a visit to this charming corner of Italy, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a tour of Luca's farm and a chance to meet Paulina in person!

The sun was setting, and we set off to explore a little bit of the villages that surround Paestum and enjoy the sunset.

...and here's a little bit more about where Paulina is based, in case you find yourself here in the future.

Paestum and Agropoli are like stepping into a postcard from Italy, where history and seaside charm meet. In Paestum you need to get yourself lost walking through their Archaeological Park, tracing the footsteps of ancient (Greek) civilizations. And for a deeper dive into history, don't miss their National Archaeological Museum, home to a rich collection of artifacts unearthed from the ruins.

Then there’s Agropoli, perched by the sea, where the views are so stunning, they demand a moment of silence. With its rich history and laid-back vibe, this area blends the best of both worlds providing you also the feeling of Amalfi coast, thanks to its proximity, but with its own unique charm. As part of the lesser-known "Cilento" region, Agropoli offers a more genuine experience, making it a hidden gem worth exploring.

And let's not forget about the food –It’s the kind you'll dream about long after you've left. My heart is still in Tomassini Restaurant in Agropoli. The food’s great, but Antonio, the owner, steals the show with his warm personality.

And that’s just the start of Paulina’s tale!

Keep an eye out for future updates as we watch her grow and thrive. We'll be sharing more about her soon, so stay tuned for the latest on our little water buffalo..



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