Great Value

Gratsi wines are high-quality and would cost you around $20/bottle at retail. Our model gets you the same wine without the usual markups… for much less. 

  • Free Shipping​

  • No Added Taxes


Quality & Freshness

Gratsi bladders keep your wine as fresh on the last pour as it was on the first… for up to 30 days. They’d never last that long in our house, but good to know. 

  • The Gratsi nozzle creates turbulence that aerates the wine each time you pour a glass

  • No light exposure and minimal oxygen transfer, both things that can degrade freshness and quality

  • Never a need to throw away wine again


With just a few clicks, wine is delivered to your door in 2 - 4 days.

  • Subscribe to receive your favorite wines, in the quantities you choose, every month without the need for reorders

  • Always have wine when you need it and never run out

  • Order the wine you want on your terms

Less Waste

Gratsi wine boxes and shipper carriers are made from 100% post-consumer paper products.

  • Gratsi wine boxes and wine bags are 100% recyclable in many areas so simply separate and throw them in your recycling bin

  • Gratsi shipments are less than half the weight and size compared to wine delivered in glass and spend far less time on the road

  • Less waste and costs = better value for you