6 Reasons to Gratsi

Old World Quality, Boxed For Freshness

Great wine doesn’t have to be expensive OR come in a bottle. By partnering with a selection of beautiful Washington vineyards, we’re able to hand-pick varietals to create perfectly balanced, easy-to-drink blends. Best part is our no-leak taps keep wine fresh for 30 days after opening, so you can fill your glass on your own terms, without wasting a drop.

Low In Sugar =

Feel Better The Next Day

Ranging between 0.035 - 0.2g per glass of sugar per glass, our wines are as low as it gets. Free of unnatural and unnecessary ingredients, you can sip freely without the threat of a sluggish morning after. Sulfites are kept well below the organic maximums, using only enough to maintain package stability.

• 4 Bottles In One Convenient (Recyclable) Box

Our recyclable packaging produces 80% fewer carbon emissions compared to glass - that’s a big difference! At ⅓ the weight, we take up far less space and produce far less waste. So, next time you head out with friends, grab a box of Gratsi and enjoy the convenience of 4 delicious bottles in 1 portable, hassle-free box.

• Save $$ By Buying Direct

Gratsi wines are far from "value" wines. By cutting out unnecessary retail and distribution markups, Gratsi allows you to pay far less for premium wines versus buying from the store. We source, package, and ship directly to your home, to help you enjoy premium wine at a fraction of the cost.

• 3 Blends For Easy Drinking

Each of our wines are designed for easy, everyday drinking. We showcase fruit and freshness by using minimal oak - providing a refreshingly crisp and balanced taste. Choose from our Old Country Red, Rose, or White, but if you ask us, we’d tell you the Trio pairs nicely with…well, everything.

• Satisfy Your Tastebuds (Or Your Money Back)

We’re so eager for wine lovers to give Gratsi a try that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not in love with your order we'll refund you 100%, no questions asked. Not to mention - outside of shipping tasty wines straight to your door, we’ll give you a great excuse to get your friends together on any night of the week. So what do you have to lose?

Customer Reviews

As Good As They Claim!
"You just don’t know anymore if a product is going to live up to their marketing claims but Gratsi has. It’s conveniently packaged, tastes great and I can tell it has less sugar and chemicals by how I feel the next morning. Well done."
Happiness at my Doorstep
"My family loves both the Red & Rose. We finally decided to try the white wine, and immediately wished we had tried it sooner. It’s nicely balanced and perfect for a variety of palates. You won’t be disappointed with this combo!"
"All the hype is true- this wine is delicious and so convenient! And affordable when compared to driving to the store, buying the equivalent number of bottles, driving back home, etc. Also great for those of us who love wine but rent interested in all the extra sugar. If you’re on the fence, go for it!"

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