15 Wine Memes That Will Put Some Color in Your Cheeks
15 Wine Memes That Will Put Some Color in Your Cheeks
Posted on
August 23, 2021

When you combine the excellence of wine with the hilarity of memes, you get a great way to pass some time. These awesome wine memes are sure to bring a smile to your face (and probably make you feel a little parched to boot).

Great minds have been hard at work creating some incredible wine memes and we’ve done the hard work of selecting only the finest for your browsing pleasure. Whether you need a break from a rough day, week, or even year, wine’ll be there for you. And so will these memes.

It’s All About Perspective

The doctor never said anything about the size of the glass after all.

There Are No Wrong Answers

Finally, a test I can pass.

Nightmare Fuel

This is a very real problem for many, but one that can be easily remedied.

Shakespearean Aspirations

It may not be in iambic pentameter, but I’m sure Shakespeare would approve of this verse nonetheless.

Sticking To Your Goals

It takes real willpower and not a small amount of ingenuity to maintain those New Year's Resolutions through summer, but she’s got this.

A Twist On an Old Classic

In fact, pretty much everything gets better with wine.

You Might Want to Take a Couple Steps Back

He’s got the focus of a prize fighter and the gut of a West Virginia prohibition-era still.

That Special Feeling

This is the face I make before I break out my fuzzy socks and pop something on Netflix to pass out to.

Who’s Counting Anyway?

Dr. Evil probably throws a couple back most evenings himself.

It Was a Great Day

And one you’ll never forget forgetting about.

Here’s to the Chefs Out There

Great for cooking and drinking, what’s not to love about a great wine?

He’s Definitely Got a Point

Rise and shine and grab a glass of wine.

Well, You See...

Just pick a number, maintain eye contact, and don’t stutter. Works every time.

It Was Right in Front of Us the Whole Time

If anyone knows something about winning, it’s this kid.

Never Let Go

It’s a love that burns true, deep, and long.

Memes are great for a lighthearted laugh. And they pair beautifully with Gratsi wine. Check out our shop if you’re feeling thirsty.

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